Vision Care

Whether you are in need of standard vision correction or treatment for any eye conditions or diseases, Mattawan Family Eye Care is here to help you see your best. We provide expert evaluation, treatment, and products for a wide range of vision needs.

The Services and Products We Offer

Vision Correction

When vision accuracy isn’t perfect, there can be several different routes toward restoring sharpness and clarity. While lenses and contacts are common choices, surgical procedures such as LASIK can provide lasting vision correction without being tied to corrective eyewear. Additionally, there are vision conditions that cannot be corrected via glasses, contacts, or surgery. Vision therapy and other techniques can be used in these situations to maximize a patient’s available vision as much as possible.

Lenses & Frames

When going with eyeglasses for vision correction, we can help you choose options that best meet the needs of your daily life and make you look great! In addition to a wide range of frame selections, you can also choose from various lens styles, including options that are thinner and lighter than those made from traditional materials. They can also be treated with Blue Light blocking treatments, anti-glare and other technologies to provide added protection against harmful UV rays and eye strain.


If you prefer contacts to glasses, Mattawan Family Eye Care has multiple options to suit your functional and aesthetic needs. Soft lenses, color lenses, multifocal lenses, gas-permeable lenses and more can all be discussed as options to meet your individual needs.

Vision Problems

Whether you are nearsighted, farsighted, have distorted vision, or have trouble focusing on your reading, we have corrective lenses and techniques to help. Learn more about how our eye shape and qualities affect the ways we see, and what can be done to provide better vision with reduced strain.

Vision Care

Eye Conditions & Diseases

A variety of conditions can interfere with the performance and comfort of your eyes. Everyday problems such as dry eyes and screen strain can be irritating, and diseases such as pink eye, glaucoma, diabetic complications and macular degeneration often require medical intervention. If something is causing you pain, discomfort, or interference with your vision, we can help.

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Whether you could benefit from new glasses or expert evaluation of an ongoing problem, do not wait any longer than you must for the help you need.

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