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If you are looking for the latest tips and tricks from your optometry center, you have come to the right place. From providing brief advice for eye issues that some may face to giving recommendations for specific topics in the eye care world, our team helps every patient stay in the know with the latest news from our office. Read through some of the articles below to learn more about eye care and the things that you can do to each day to better take care of your eyes.

My Child’s First Eye Exam…Where Do I Start?

As a parent, you want to set up your child for success right from the start. A big part of that success is making sure your child is healthy. Regular visits to the pediatrician are essential, and early dentist appointments can prevent problems with their teeth down the road…but when do children need to have…
Eye Problems While Driving

What To Do About Eye and Vision Problems While Driving

​​While eye problems can be annoying wherever and whenever they occur, there is perhaps no more dangerous of a time to experience them than when driving. This is true for both us and others, as our vision is essential for making the right decisions when behind the wheel. Unfortunately, many of us experience occasional eye…
Dry Eyes Bothering You

Are Dry Eyes Bothering You? Here are 5 Ways to Help

As pivotal tools that humans depend on to survive and enjoy life, our eyes play a role in many of life’s activities that we often take for granted or fail to acknowledge. Our eyes allow us to see the beauty around us. They allow us to clearly discern what is going on so we can…
4 Everyday Tips

4 Everyday Tips for Better Eye Health

Millions of individuals experience eye complications each year. Some eye problems result in permanent vision loss or blindness, while others can be corrected with glasses or contact lenses. Studies show that approximately 12 million people aged 40 years and above have vision impairment in the US alone, with about a million suffering from blindness. And the National Eye Institute estimates the…
Tips For treating Dry Eyes

Tips for Treating Dry Eyes

Dry eyes can be a constant source of pain, discomfort, and frustration. Our eyes require a healthy amount of moisture to operate; and when that moisture isn’t there, boy do we ever know it! When the environment enters drier seasons, irritation from dry eyes will naturally tend to rise. However, not all dryness can be blamed…
UV Protection

Do I Need UV Protection in My Eyewear?

We don’t have to tell you that the sun can be somewhat elusive in Michigan at times. We can have superbly sunny stretches of summer, but still, get plenty of overcast days. Then winter comes and our time with the sun can feel almost painfully fleeting. So when it comes to UV protection in eyewear,…
Do I need Eyeglasses

Do I Need Eyeglasses if I Have Contacts?

When it comes to choosing between eyeglasses or contact lenses, you might have a natural tendency to think that selecting one excludes the other. It’s like believing there are only “dog people” and “cat people.” But the truth is that you don’t have to limit your choice to just one or the other. In fact, if you choose…
4 Smart Reasons

4 Smart Reasons to Use Frames as a Fashion Accessory

Do you consider the eyeglasses frames you wear to be a dynamic aspect of your overall style? If not, there’s no reason why you couldn’t! We use many things both for their function and their fashion. The primary purpose of your shoes is to support and protect your feet, but you probably have several styles for different…
Do You Need New Eyeglasses

Do You Need New Eyeglasses? – 5 Signs It’s Time

Almost everyone has at least a few prized possessions that they carry with them throughout their lives, over the years and decades. Your current eyeglasses should not be one of these things, however. Although it’s understandable to love the way a specific set of frames looks on your face or come to develop a sentimental attachment to…
Shouly You Wear Blue Light

Should You Wear Blue Light Lenses?

We all live beneath the same big, blue sky, but the popularity of blue light lenses continues to rise because the amount of blue light hitting our eyes only keeps increasing year over year. At Mattawan Family Eye Care, we specialize in using BluTech lenses for patients seeking to filter out certain wavelengths of blue light before…
6 Simple Tips

6 Simple Tips for Taking Care of Your Glasses

For all the time and investment you make in finding the right pair of prescription eyeglasses, the last thing you want is for them to end up scratched or damaged a few weeks or months down the road! Properly taking care of your glasses as soon as you receive them is a wise way to help…
Considering Contacts

Considering Contact Lenses? Here’s What You Should Know

For vision correction, prescription eyeglasses tend to be the star of the show. Contact lenses are not as prominently featured in the world. And for some people, that may be the point for choosing contacts in the first place. Maybe you simply prefer not to be seen wearing glasses, or you engage in work, sports, or other activities where…

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