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While eyeglass lenses are a basic necessity for vision correction, choosing the types you will wear and the frames they are set in is a very personal decision.

We will help you find the combinations that best meet your vision needs and how you want to present yourself to the world. From discreet to striking, durable to elegant, we carry a wide range of types and styles – plus we know our way around them well enough to guide you to your ideal choices with ease.

Give us a few ideas of what you’re looking for and we can begin! We can also consider specialized options for sunglasses and sports eyewear, should you need them.

Choosing Eyeglass Lenses

Choosing Frame Styles

There are some general guidelines when choosing frames. It is recommended that frames:

  • Complement and bring out your eye color.
  • Complement the tone of your skin.
  • Complement the general shape and features of your face.

Ultimately, however, your choice of frames is up to you! What you personally feel happiest wearing will always be more satisfying than simply following the recommendations of others.

You should also consider owning more than one set of frames, allowing you to swap for different situations or simply for fun.

If you find yourself in front of a computer monitor for most of your day, computer lenses are a game changer!  Your eyes will feel much better if you have a separate pair of glasses for work than for play.

If you enjoy wearing sunglasses, for example, a prescription pair can be customized to meet your needs for protection, performance, and comfort. Prescription sunglasses are helpful for blocking harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation from your eyes – both on sunny and cloudy days. Blocking UV rays is linked to a lower risk of vision problems including cataracts and retinal damage.

If you are active in higher-impact sports, we can also provide different forms of durable sports frames and eyewear that can stand up to hits and protect your eyes.

Lenses Frames
Find the Form and Function You Need

It’s important to choose frames and lenses that not only provide the look you want, but also stand up to the needs and demands you have for them. Mattawan Family Eye Care is always committed to finding patients a long-lasting configuration they will love.

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