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The key to treating glaucoma most effectively lies in early detection. The sooner that glaucoma can be diagnosed, the sooner it can be treated and the less of a progressive effect it can have on your vision over time.

When many people think of glaucoma testing, they likely envision staring into a machine that puffs air into their eyes or having to take drops to numb the eyes. We proudly provide another option to test for glaucoma: the iCare tonometer.

What is a Tonometer?
Glaucoma Testing

How iCare Glaucoma Testing Works

The iCare tonometer is a handheld device that uses a small probe to test pressure of the eye.

During this test, we will ask you to relax and stare ahead at a fixed point. The top of the instrument will rest against your forehead, and the probe will be held at eye level.

The technician will have the probe very lightly tap against the eye several times, and the device will take readings of pressure based on how gently the probe “rebounds” back from the eye. Contact with the eye is barely felt, but it may cause you to blink. That is perfectly all right, in fact, it is encouraged!

The iCare tonometer is portable, quick, convenient, and does not require you to take any eye drops before use. The probes are also sterile and one-use-only, so your eyes will not be touched by anything that has touched anyone or anything else.

Taking the Pressure Out of Glaucoma Testing

Why do we offer options for glaucoma testing? Because making sure patients get tested over time can be extremely important to their future eye health, and we want to provide means that are more comfortable or preferred if it means they won’t hesitate coming back!

If you hate the “air puff” test, give the iCare tonometer a try as part of your next exam. Schedule an appointment with us by calling our Mattawan office or by filling out our online contact form.

iCare Glaucoma Testing

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