4 Smart Reasons to Use Frames as a Fashion Accessory

Do you consider the eyeglasses frames you wear to be a dynamic aspect of your overall style? If not, there’s no reason why you couldn’t!

We use many things both for their function and their fashion. The primary purpose of your shoes is to support and protect your feet, but you probably have several styles for different occasions. You may also have a favorite purse or bag in which to hold things, but switch to one of several other models when you feel they’ll make a better statement.

The frames you wear can also change to suit a scene or just how you feel at the time. You are not locked in to one look until you need a new pair of lenses. In fact, having more than one pair of eyeglasses can have benefits in addition to fashion.

We will always be happy to discuss eyeglasses options with you and help you find those that best suit your needs – whether that’s one or multiple pairs. But here are some reasons why having different frames can be a fashion-forward decision.

Most Frames are Now Designed to Be Fashionable

We understand that, at the time you need eyeglasses most, you might be more concerned with seeing clearly than how the glasses may look on you. Frames designers, however, have much more reason to stay on top of the game with new fashions.

Prescription eyewear has not always had a fashionable reputation. You might remember friends in school who couldn’t wait to get contact lenses or LASIK eye surgery because they just didn’t like the stigma of having glasses.

Designers of frames saw the threat of these other options and have put significant work in over the years to make their products much more trendy and appealing. If they didn’t add more fashion to their function, they’d risk being left in the dust!

Now, contacts and LASIK are still perfectly reasonable vision options. But if eyeglasses are your thing, why not take fuller advantage of the wide range of possibilities that frames offer – and continue to expand upon as trends evolve?

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Switching Frames Can Positively Affect Your Mood

What you wear can really set the tone not only for those around you, but for yourself as well. Your frames are no exception.

If you want to be “all business” at work, a more formal and stylish pair of glasses can very much complement a suit, dress suit, or uniform.

But when a long day of work is over, many people are happy to rip off their business wear and get into something more comfortable. A more fun and casual pair of frames can be the perfect accessory for more relaxed nights and weekends.

The “aura” you want your frames to broadcast is not just a matter of seeing them. Although that’s a huge part of it, we can often develop habits through simple feel as well. Just having a ritual where you slip between two different styles of frames can have an impact on how you approach the day.

Simple Changes Can Have Big Impacts

Having “stylish” frames does not always mean a pair that is huge and covered in a wild pattern.

It can mean that if that’s the sort of thing you love, but don’t underestimate the ways that more subtle choices can have powerful effects, too.

Do you have times when you want people to focus more on your eyes and face? Frames that contrast with the tones of your face and clothing are a great way to do that, as are those above-mentioned patterns. When you want focus to be placed elsewhere, a pair of frames that are more subdued and blend in will often be a better choice.

The shape of the frames and how they compare to the shape of your face is also influential. We dive into that further in another blog, if you’re interested.

You do not have to be a cosmopolitan celebrity in order to make fun and fashionable frame choices. All you have to do is provide yourself some options that you love, feel comfortable with, and can build into looks that you want.

Prescription Sunglasses Can Look Great!

You might already own a pair or two of sunglasses, but why not have a stylish pair you can also see clearly in?

Clip-ons are cumbersome, increase risk of harming your lenses, and frankly are not often seen as very fashionable at the moment. A pair of prescription sunglasses can provide you a much more unique look in the sun that is much easier to maintain and care for.

What Are the Best Frames for You? The Choice is Yours!

If you are fashion-focused, then having more than one pair of frames is a sound investment. Your face does not have to be locked in to one look, and more frame options just increases your potential range of styles!

At Mattawan Family Eye Care, we are here not only to help you see clearly, but also to find the frames that match your needs and ambitions. Also, keep up with our promotions to see when you can score deals on specific brands or types of eyewear!

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